Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Horror Of Horrors!!!

I have been ordering my painting books from USA at very good discounts for the last couple of months and as some of you painters know....we can get really excited over painting books. I would spend hours browsing through my new books and studying every detail. Then a new month would come and once again I would go into my regular book websites to order new books which would be on special.

The last month I ordered 10 books and as usual I would look into my mail box eagerly every day after a week or so, to see if the thick envelopes would arrive. However, to my dismay it has been over a month since my books were mailed to me (they usually take no more than 14 days to arrive) and the unthinkable has happened...they are lost in the mail!

I have written an email to the book publications explaining my plight. Now comes the question...will they replace those 10 precious books which were charged to my credit card account? I can only hope they will. I have also just ordered 5 new books this month from them and this time I hope they arrive SAFELY!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jen,
    Sorry to hear that ur books are lost in mail. Sometimes I do fear that might happen when we order goods from other countries. Did they reply?


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